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AnonymousJust testing if this works For sho. Thankfully the Firebirds have a big black Jonathan Dwyer to grind out the key yards. Dwyer heated up in overtime and capped off the game with the winning 28 yard touchdown. I think I saw a corner wet himself. Jimmy Clausen was sharp again under center, completing 20 of 28 passes for two scores and no turnovers. Austin Collie 44 yards , Chad Owens 39 yards , and Chase Coffman 43 yards each hauled in four passes.

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This includes speciesism, racism, sexism, cis-sexism, ableism, or any other type of oppression. Speciesism includes any text or images trying to normalize a moral double standard for human animals and nonhuman animals, including humans using nonhumans for food, clothing, research or entertainment. The other oppressive terms listed above involve doing the same but with any other morally irrelevant characteristic such as ethnicity, gender, sexual identity or disability, etc. No talk about nonhumans in a morally negative light, essentially.

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If Kendall was willing to hook up with him without any strings attached, you can bet that he would be quick to agree. But alas, he does have some morals, and he’s not .

If you love the warm embrace of pop music, it’s easy to understand the appeal of boy bands — collections of mostly young males crooning about love and heartache, all while smoldering and winking in ways that drive audiences wild. Boy bands aren’t all about image, though, and have been responsible for some of the most enduring singles in the history of the genre.

From the Motown of the 60’s to the teenybopper 90’s to the U. Diddy assist on this slick chart-topper. Backstreet Boys, “Everybody Backstreet’s Back ” In a career full of mid-tempo love songs and heart-wrenching ballads, Backstreet Boys’ signature, self-referential dance track endures. Menudo, “Hold Me” A joyous declaration of love: Menudo is shown leaping and twirling around in the “Hold Me” music video, and this song has made listeners want to do the same for decades.

Reid and Daryl Simmons, Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” was the group’s first huge ballad, and still their best utilization of the ‘deep-voiced spoken-word breakdown’ bridge. All One, “I Swear” All One decided to turn a John Michael Montgomery country song into a boy band ballad in , and soundtracked middle school dances for years to come. Gary Barlow’s performance, defined by a gentle high note in the chorus and backed by the rest of the quintet, was never recreated quite as movingly.

O-Town, “All or Nothing” After the world was finished snickering at “Liquid Dreams,” O-Town recovered from that cornball single with an A-plus ballad that included an impossibly epic key change at its climax. Telephone Man” were excellent follow-ups, they could never match the exuberance of their first single.


Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor Preference This was hard to come up with a title for, but yeah. You were best friends with Liam, so you were hanging around with the band a lot. You liked all of the boys, and got along with all of them except one: Every time you were around he always gave you a hard time. Before the conversation continued, the doorbell rang.

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The only thing cooler than writing is outer space. It had finally arrived: And with being 21 came the liberty and pleasure of having drinks whenever you felt like it, out in the open, completely legal. Your wonderful boyfriend, Harry, had thrown you a surprise party, deciding to go all out and rent a club for you. It was just as crowded as it would normally be for a typical night, or so you believed.

The music was louder, the people were more crowded, and you felt warmer. That was the power of alcohol. The cons were presenting themselves, too, however. You felt heavier than before, dizzier as well. Or rather, not think at all. You said whatever came to mind and did whatever you wanted to, thinking that it was a good idea at the time. Curly, long hair and bright green eyes with some adorable freckles sprinkling across her nose and cheeks. She was tall and lanky, and dressed in fashionably messy clothes.

She reminded you a lot of Harry.

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Their cover of Chris Brown ‘s ” Next to You ” received over , hits. Their international following significantly increased when One Direction member Louis Tomlinson posted the link to the YouTube video of their song “Gotta Get Out”, stating that he’d been a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer “for a while”. It was around this time when the band began to gain popularity and become more well-known.

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For more information please visit: It is always heart-warming to see something done differently, and that is certainly the case here. This is not a perfect photograph. The sky is a little heavy and perhaps detracts from the strong arc of the Eye; the centre of the wheel is a little out of balance. I love the geometric quality of the curve of the wheel meeting the diagonal sky. The composition is strong, the post processing discreet and the mood magical.

I love the space and tranquility of this very lovely scene.

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Their nuptial happiness was short lived. This episode illustrates the nature of much of the evidence which follows. But even then it is very difficult for those who have not worked in a mine to imagine the conditions, even if vividly depicted. From numerous scattered references and a couple of more detailed accounts we are however, able to build up a fairly comprehensive picture of work in local collieries in the period before the emergence of modern legislation and technology ended mining practices which, in some ways, had changed little since the Middle Ages.

Styles came up with the name One Direction. For their qualifying song at “judges’ houses”, and their first song as a group, One and the middle eight consists of an “oh na na na” hook. It is among the best-selling singles of all time, selling over 5 million copies.

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R99 Thanks for explaining. Just wow,on so many levels. So summary of the premiere week: Sam was accused looking tired and not very talkative. After the main promo stuff done it was time to refill the girlfriend narrative.

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As we all know Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are in a very happy and committed relationship.. And he kept his old meat around too long for someone who is so happily engaged. Zayn being one of the easiest members of One Direction to get to and potentially hook up with that IS if your looks are up to his standards has numerous groupies around the globe.

The boys being young, immature, and not as famous and careful as they are today, some how came in the path of May Yassine or at least Zayn did and the two got up to something. After May started getting the attention that she deserved, it took over her. After that May needed the attention like oxygen and decided to go on a little road trip following the boys to their every stop which she still does today and getting Zayn in every possible city she can.

And May is also not very fond of a certain member of little mix. Zayn is also not the only superstar May has been in bed with, one of the most relevant being none other than Mr Calum Hood. To say the least May is very public with what she says and posts on the internet, she has openly said that being shady has got her far, she has no problem exposing her secrets and the secrets of others online.

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The only thing cooler than writing is outer space. You had been pacing your bedroom back and forth for the past half hour, absolutely fuming about what had just occurred. And what was it about again? Then he just up and left. You knew it was a bad idea to sit down and order the heaviest drink that they had.

It was a bad idea to get as drunk as you currently were, but it was too late to realize all of that now.

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Standing across the room, his own drink in hand, was Louis, your ex boyfriend. He pushed a hand through his shaggy brown hair, biceps flexing against the t-shirt he wore. Absentmindedly you chewed your bottom lip, and then he looked over at you, his bright blue eyes the color of the ocean. He flashed you that toothy grin, eyes lighting up wickedly at the sight of you. He careened his way through the crowded living room. Maybe you were crazy but you swore your heart was suddenly beating faster.

Beating with old feelings. You gave him a shy smile.

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The dialogue centered on assessing progress toward achieving the CPC Partnership’s goals of improving the government’s capacity to investigate and prosecute cases of online sexual exploitation of children, identifying and responding to child labor trafficking, providing comprehensive services to protect child trafficking victims, and preventing future trafficking crimes. Ambassador to Peru Krishna R. The CPC Partnership was signed in to strengthen efforts to combat child trafficking in Peru and is the first of its kind in the region.

Senior officials from the Governments of Ghana and the United States met on October 31 to review progress toward meeting the objectives of the U. The CPC Partnership began in and the first high-level consultation in

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One Direction Short Stories Preference: He gets jealous of another guy, but it turns out that guy is your relative. You had been at a restaurant with Zayn, enjoying your meal, until a familiar face showed up next to your table. You jumped up excitedly and gave the unexpected vistor a huge hug, nearly exploding with happiness. After you finally stop hugging him, Zayn defensively stands up next to you and slips his arm around your waist, eyeing the stranger.

How have you been? Zayn stares at you and then back at the stranger, getting more and more jealous by the second.

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I update this like pretty much every day. Neither of these things end up being entirely true. Louis was classed as a normal child; mentally and physically. Harry had progressive mutism.

Here are our 50 favorite songs of so far — the biggest hits, the songs that fell through the cracks, and everything in between that’s provided the cure for these hard times.

You hook up with one of the other boys after a fight You roll your eyes and shrug. You give him the middle finger and storm off onto the tour bus, leaving him in the recording studio. You admire Louis’ shirtlessness, he must’ve been getting dressed or something. You shake your head and Louis motions you to come over and he gathers you in a hug. I just, I like how you can have fun and be a bit crazy sometimes, I wish he could do that.

You have a boyfriend. One of his best friends.

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