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It was composed by Jinasena , a Digambara monk. Bahubali had a son named Somakirti also known as Mahabala. Bharata was gifted the kingdom of Vinita Ayodhya and Bahubali got the kingdom of Asmaka from South India , having Podanapur as its capital. Let them fight out the issue by themselves in other ways. These were eye-fight staring at each other , water-fight jala-yuddha , and wrestling malla-yuddha. Bahubali won all the three contests over his elder brother, Bharata. Badami caves After the fight, Bahubali was filled with disgust at the world and developed a desire for renunciation. Bahubali abandoned his clothes and kingdom to become a Digambara monk and began meditating with great resolve to attain omniscience Kevala Gyana. A painful regret that he had been the cause of his elder brother’s humiliation had been disturbing Bahubali’s meditation; this was dispersed when Bharata worshipped him. He was now revered as an omniscient being Kevali.

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Dating of Atlantis based on lake levels on the Altiplano the Altiplano has been successively submerged by inland seas The site of Atlantis at Pampa Aullagas on the Bolivian Altiplano with its outer ring of land and inner rings of water is presently a considerable number of feet above the surrounding land level and also the lake level of nearby Lake Poopo.

This may be partly due to the surrounding plain having dropped in elevation, and also to the nearby Lake Poopo having dropped in water level. In order for the circular rings of water to function as harbours with access to the lake, the lake must have been considerably higher and a higher level would also be necessary to feed the perimeter canal and irrigation system which was said to have run around the adjacent level rectangular plain.

The salar and its companion, the Salar de Coipasa were formerly occupied by a series of large lakes. An analysis of core samples taken from the centre of the Salar de Uyuni shows that there are several layers of salt and layers of lacustrine mud, showing that the plain was successively covered by lakes alternating with dry spells.

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Trapezoids Composition The Lines were allegedly made by removing the iron-oxide coated pebbles which cover the surface of the desert. When the gravel is removed, they contrast with the light color underneath. In this way the lines were drawn as furrows of a lighter color. Off the Pampa, south of the Nazca Lines, archaeologists have now uncovered the lost city of the line-builders, Cahuachi. It was built nearly 2, years ago and mysteriously abandoned years later. Today people sometimes fly in hot air balloons to view the splendors of the Nazca Lines, their energies awakening something within their souls.

Theories Toribio Mejia Xespe, a Peruvian doctor and anthropologist was the first scientist, in , to show interest in what he called “great Incan ceremonial artifacts”.

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Chicago, USA, concerning the identification and transliteration of the inscriptive material. They lived in a southern part of India called Tamil Nadu, circa BC, then migrated mainly into the northeastern areas of Sri Lanka, which became the permanent homeland of the Sri Lankan Tamils around the second century BC.

Tamil inscriptions in Vatteluttu script in stone during Chola period c.

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A paleoclimatic record from Groundwater Discharge Deposits in southern Atacama is analyzed. In Sierra de Varas SV , three millennial timescale wet climate phases have been characterized: These wet phases are interpreted from intervals of GWD facies formed during periods when the springs were active. GWD intervals alternate with gravelly alluvial material deposited during arid phases.

A trend towards less humid conditions during the Late Holocene wet episode characterizes GWD sedimentary series in Sierra the Varas, suggesting the onset of a dry episode over the last few centuries. A brief arid phase occurred between 1. The paleoclimatic reconstruction encompassing the entire Atacama region shows that both the intensity and occurrence of wetter conditions were governed mainly by the distance to the source of moisture, and secondarily by the elevation of the sites.

The Early Holocene in the southern Atacama was a period of aridity, generating important landscape differences to those in the Northern Atacama where conditions were wetter. Previous article in issue.

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Buzzy Green Larry was one of my down the street neighbors, and I don’t remember not knowing him. He was always one of the most cheerful people I knew. We started band together at Baker – he started on clarinet and I started on nothing. We could not afford a horn and had to wait until my Aunt Mary dug her old cornet out of storage so I could use it.

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Previous geomorphic analysis of these paleo-shorelines has revealed evidence of upper plate deformation and regional uplift. However, in the absence of a robust absolute dating method, these studies contain substantial uncertainties concerning the numerical dating of these marine markers and thus the corresponding calculated surface uplift rates. However, field mapping, surveying the neotectonic features and 10Be dating of abraded surfaces contained within two sequences of marine terraces along this margin should allow for the robust calculation of Pleistocene uplift rates.

The San Juan de Marcona Bay lies on the southern flank of the subducting and south-migrating aseismic Nazca Ridge where the maximum rates of coastal uplift are expected. In this locality, we measure high uplift rates ranging from 0. Margin-parallel normal faults displace several marine terraces and influence the development of bays, thereby contributing to the configuration of paleo- and present-day coastlines.


The geological history of these, dating back 15 million years, with the formation of a sedimentary basin which was then subjected to enormous strain as a result of horizontal pressure. Elevated basement blocks are reverse faults of approximately north-south direction, west verging, which are composed by metamorphic rock and Igneous of the Neoproterozoic in the Palaeozoic. Less affected by successive orogenic cycles: In the Tertiary old structures were activated and generated new ones.

Along with the strain developed a significant volcanism in the western region and, finally, late in the same era and the beginning of the Quaternary , the whole region was uplifted to build the current ranges. The tectonic forces at work in the Andean folding were horizontal pressures generated from the west and due to the rigidity of the underlying material caused the existence of faults, almost all north-south and an alignment of the strings accordingly.

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You may have heard of Quechua as the language of the Incas. You may not know, until you finish this sentence, that it’s the most widely spoken Amerindian language, with over 8 million speakers. In Peru, a quarter of the population speaks Quechua, and about a third of the Quechua speakers speak no Spanish. Quechua spoor Here’s some English words derived from Quechua: Peruvian Spanish, of course, has literally hundreds of Quechua words, from names of animals and plants papa ‘potato’, viscacha ‘type of rodent’, cuy ‘guinea pig’– yum, a delicacy in Peru , to cooking terms choclo ‘corncob’, pachamanca ‘earth oven’, tocos ‘horrid dish of fermented potatoes’ , to items of clothing chompa ‘sweater’, chullu ‘knitted cap’, cushma ‘shirt’ to terms from everyday life china ‘young woman’; calato ‘naked’, cachaco ‘cop’, chacra ‘farm’, caucho ‘rubber’, quena ‘flute’.

Quechua has also influenced Spanish syntax. In Iquitos, for instance, it’s common for even monolingual speakers to put the verb at the end, as in Quechua, or to say things like de mi padre su casa ‘of my father his house, my father’s house’, reflecting Quechua tayta-y-pi wasi-n. Quechua can be heard on Andean music, which is getting easier to find in the States, either in its natural form such groups as Rumillaqta, Markahuasi, Ayllu Sulca, Ch’uwa Yacu , or in more Westernized forms e.

The singer Yma Sumac has a Quechua name– ima sumaq means ‘how beautiful! Peruvians can be very racist, and indio is used as an insult. The Quechua refer to themselves as Runa, ‘the people’. Like oppressed classes worldwide, the Indians are described as lazy, criminal, and stupid.


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Surface collection of approximately m2 has revealed a substantial Paleoindian occupation of the hilltop. At least 29 fragments of Fell’s Cave stemmed points were known as of , from both Flegenheimer’s surface collection, as well as Madrazo’s collections in the early ‘s. Since Flegenheimer’s project began at the site, several excavations have been completed in various areas around the site. Local raw materials such as a coarse-grained quartzite, opal, chalcedony, and igneous rocks, make up the rest of the assemblage.

Additional excavations 12 m2 were placed in a gridded fashion along the surface of the hilltop, in order to assess the site boundaries and density. Once again, a very large assemblage was recovered. The assemblage includes 1 Fell’s Cave stemmed point, 2 Fell’s Cave stems, 3 whole tools, 28 biface fragments, 46 uniface fragments, flakes, and 3 pieces of ochre.

The assemblage contains worn out tools, as well as late stage biface manufacturing debris.

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Geographical location[ edit ] It is within the village of Pacopampa at m in the Querocoto District of the province of Chota , Cajamarca Region. It is among the largest ceremonial centers of the northern highlands of Peru. At its surroundings a dozen of archaeological sites have been identified, which a couple have been studied.

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They argue that the artefact is evidence that the quipu record keeping system, a method involving knots tied in rope that was brought to perfection by the Inca Empire , was older than any archaeologist had previously guessed. Evidence has emerged that the quipu may also have recorded logographic information in the same way writing does. Gary Urton has suggested that the quipus used a binary system which could record phonological or logographic data.

Main Temple[ edit ] The main temple complex Spanish: Templo Mayor is meters long, meters wide and 28 meters high. The date of its construction is unknown. Lack of warfare[ edit ] No trace of warfare has been found at Caral: Ruth Shady ‘s findings suggest it was a gentle society, built on commerce and pleasure. In one of the temples, they uncovered 32 flutes made of condor and pelican bones and 37 cornetts of deer and llama bones. One find revealed the remains of a baby, wrapped and buried with a necklace made of stone beads.

The find of the quipu indicates that the later Inca Empire preserved some cultural continuity from the Caral civilisation. The date of BCE is based on carbon dating reed and woven carrying bags that were found in situ. These bags were used to carry the stones that were used for the construction of the temples. The material is an excellent candidate for dating, thus allowing for a high precision.

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