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Many of the details of his early life are introduced and elaborated on in the Cheers spin off, Frasier. Birth The details of Frasier’s birth are erratic and changing. In one episode, it is established he was born in March In the episode ” Back Talk ” it is revealed that Fraser’s birthday is the day after one of Queen Elizabeth’s children. However, the episode ” The Fight Before Christmas ” takes place a few days after “Back Talk” according to the storyline which contradicts a March birthday. Also, this date is established by Daphne reading a newspaper from the day Frasier was born and assuming it was a current newspaper.

Just An Outlaw

Description Toby agrees to do something risky in order to clear his poker debt. Daphne takes an advanced cooking class at Buckner Hall but has trouble being the only deaf kid in a hearing class. Bay and Emmett bond when she asks him to help her find out more about who her dad was. Description Bay finds a likely suspect for her bio-dad and Bay, Emmett and Daphne go see him.

When the school discovers that a chem test was stolen, Toby is torn about coming clean. Daphne confronts Emmett about his involvement with Bay and reminds him of what he said about relationships between the deaf and the hearing.

Frederick Crane is a recurring character on NBC series is portrayed by Trevor Einhorn.. Character. Frederick is the son of Frasier Crane and Lillith Sternin on the sitcoms Frasier and Cheers. He is born in , in the Cheers episode The Stork Brings a is Jewish by his mother. Frederick is first portrayed as having many allergies, but also many academic skills.

Their romantic relationship begins in the episode ” I Do. Brandon soon confessed his feelings for her early on in the series, in The Morning After , but she rejected him due to a bad experience when she was raped by a former foster brother, Liam Olmstead. Also because of the experience, she knew getting involved could mean she and Jude being kicked out of the house. Instead of dating Brandon, she began dating Wyatt. When she and Wyatt had troubles, she turned to Brandon as a friend.

When Stef is at the hospital after being shot, Callie and Brandon share a moment when she talks about her deceased mother to him. He comforts her and the two are on the verge of sharing a kiss. This, all the while, is being watched by Wyatt from a nearby window. At the hospital, Wyatt encourages her to go after Brandon, but she is halted when Talya shows up. During Stef and Lena’s wedding preparations, Callie brings Brandon to an alley. She confesses that she knows what she wants now before she kisses him; they make out until Jude furiously interrupts.

In Season 1, they became an official couple despite the various roadblocks.


This forms a wedge between her and Bay as well as Kathryn, with Bonnie stating how Daphne is her “real” daughter and not Bay due to how she carried Daphne and the similarities between her and Daphne that she doesn’t have with Bay. But Kathryn still feels that Bay will always be her daughter no matter what a blood test says. Meanwhile, Daphne meets up with Monica, a teenage Latina from her old neighborhood, who now also sees and treats her differently since she’s moved out of their town, but Daphne still feels a strong connection with where she was raised.

During all this, Bay and Regina look into Angelo’s disappearance; and Toby realizes he can only please Simone if he changes. Meanwhile, Kathryn mentions to Emmett that Bay was heartbroken after Ty’s departure and how she suddenly got happy again after he came along, sparking some hidden jealousy in Emmett and causing a strain on his and Bay’s relationship.

Will Solace becomes the head counselor of the Apollo cabin after his Will Solace is a Greek demigod, the son of Apollo and Naomi Solace. He is the current head counselor of Apollo Cabin and a .

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Despite her adoption, Soon-Yi felt uneasy from the start. Allen and Soon-Yi met when she was 10 and he was dating Farrow. Daphne Merkin’s relationship to Woody Allen is disclosed and is a.

Bay finds out that she was switched at birth, and develops a relationship with her biological mom and the girl she was switched with, Daphne Vasquez. Throughout the series, she shows her passion for art. After meeting her, Bay, Kathryn, and John find out that Daphne is deaf, and all of them are in shock. Bay meets her birth mother, Regina, for the first time and discovers that she and Regina have a lot in common. Bay learns that Regina has financial trouble, pushing Bay to ask Kathryn if Regina and Daphne can move into the guest house, the reason being they can get to know each other.

In American Gothic , Bay learns more about Regina. They are both at the guest house bonding, and Bay helps Regina paint her wall. This leads Regina to start opening up to Bay about her past drinking problems, since Bay saw her AA chips and asked her what they are. In Portrait of My Father , Bay begins asking questions about her biological father, which her grandmother and Regina refuse to answer. Regina insists, “The best thing that guy ever did was leave.

In The Persistence of Memory , Bay and Emmett bond while working together to find Bay’s biological father, and they discover that his name is Angelo Sorrento. Everyone is in shock; Bay is in just as much pain.

Daphne is hunted

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Four teenagers who were switched at birth and grew up in very different environments: one in an affluent suburb, and the other in working-class areas.

And then you read it really fast, and go, “Oh! Pun names are just that: Names that make puns. Some are semi- meaningful in that they sometimes describe an activity germane to the character’s profession, such as a baseball player named Homer of which there have been several actual Major League Baseball players with that moniker, although a few were pitchers.

The pun name is a staple of the prank caller, who will disguise it just right so the other guy doesn’t get the pun until he blurts it out. A Subtrope is the humorous book-and-author gag sometimes referred to as Batty Books. Another subtrope is Sir Verb-a-Lot. If a lot of characters in a given work have a punny name, it could be an example of Punny Theme Naming. Also overlaps often with Real Joke Name , where someone laughs at what they think is a pun only to be told that that’s actually the character’s real name.

For a list of tropes with Punny Names, see Just for Pun.

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Best Friend(s): Toby Kennish, Jason “Wilke” Wilkerson the third, Emmett Beldsoe, Daphne Vasquez, Liam Lupo, Carmela Sorrento & Simone Sinclair. Enemies: Bay Kennish & Nikki Papagus (because in this version she doesn’t elope with Toby).

He is portrayed by Trevor Einhorn. He is Jewish by his mother. Frederick is first portrayed as having many allergies, but also many academic skills. He has the same gift for spelling as his uncle, Niles ; and he wins the National Spelling Bee, but is accused of cheating. He is accepted into the Marbury Academy, on the agreement neither of his parents will show up for any events. Series arc Frederick develops a crush on Daphne in the later seasons, much to the distaste of Niles. Frederick grows apart from his father as he becomes older, becoming ” goth ” in the later seasons in his attempt to win over his crush Molly who was also a Goth.

Chronologically, his last appearance is in a future sequence in an episode of Cheers, played by Rob Nuekirch, where he is reading Frasier’s will. In the series’s final episode, he isn’t seen but is mentioned in a phone conversation between Frasier and Lilith asking how his relationship with one girl went, as he referred to be dating by this time. It’s discovered that he’s ended one relationship with the one girl and has moved onto another relationship, this time, with an “older one” from his high school.

He was called “Freddy” when he was a younger child. His first word was “Norm” when Norm Peterson walked into Cheers like the other bargoers usually shouted. At his bar mitzvah, Frasier attempts to give his blessing in Hebrew, but instead gives the blessing in Klingon.

Frederick Crane

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Daphne goes on a charming first date with Wilke but is upset when she finds out that its straight from his standard play-book. Later, when John lies about being at the golf course, Daphne suspects that he may be having an affair.

The director and actress were in a relationship when Soon-Yi was younger. Later on, Soon-Yi and Allen’s subsequent relationship caused an even bigger wedge between Soon-Yi and her mother, especially after Farrow discovered nude photos of Soon-Yi in Allen’s home. Throughout the profile, Soon-Yi spoke candidly about Farrow, portraying her in a rather unflattering light. Soon-Yi asserted that her relationship with Allen was not revenge against her mom who raised her in what she described as an abusive environment.

The profile of Soon-Yi is filled with blunt commentary and a look at her past and present. These are five of the biggest revelations from the article. Before getting adopted by Farrow, she grew up extremely impoverished: Soon-Yi was born in Seoul, South Korea and experienced an uphill battle from the very start.

Wilke and Daphne

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