The name “Ethiopia” derives from the Greek ethio , meaning “burned” and pia , meaning “face”: Aeschylus described Ethiopia as a “land far off, a nation of black men. These conceptions of Ethiopia were geographically vague. In the late nineteenth century, Emperor Menelik II expanded the country’s borders to their present configuration. In March , Italian troops attempted to enter Ethiopia forcibly and were routed by Emperor Menelik and his army. The battle of Adwa was the only victory of an African army over a European army during the partitioning of Africa which preserved the country’s independence. Ethiopia is the only African country never to have been colonized, although an Italian occupation occurred from to In addition to the monarchy, whose imperial line can be traced to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was a major force in that, in combination with the political system, it fostered nationalism with its geographic center in the highlands. A socialist government the Derge known for its brutality governed the nation until The last twenty-five years of the twentieth century have been a time of revolt and political unrest but represent only a small portion of the time during which Ethiopia has been a politically active entity.

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Cross-Cultural Dating and Marriage Translated by Sharon Yang With Taiwan’s focus on internationalization, including its recent entry into the WTO, foreigners are arriving and staying on the island in larger numbers. In addition, an increasing percentage of the local population has spent some time abroad for work and study, and has been exposed to other cultures. Thus, it is inevitable that foreigners and locals will have more and more opportunities to mix and, perhaps, even fall in love.

For the “Love Edition”, we interviewed several cross-cultural couples and asked them about the advantages and drawbacks of dating or marrying someone from another culture. Most of the couples we interviewed met in Taiwan. Karl Smith and his wife, Cynthia Chang, met when they taught together in a kindergarten.

interfaith and cross cultural marriages: the more affiliated to religion an individual is the less likely that an individual will be to engage in interfaith and cross cultural dating or marriages (Yahya and Boag, under review-a, under review-b).

However, cultural psychology is distinct from cross-cultural psychology in that the cross-cultural psychologists generally use culture as a means of testing the universality of psychological processes rather than determining how local cultural practices shape psychological processes. However, the relativist perspective of cultural psychology, through which cultural psychologists compare thought patterns and behaviors within and across cultures, tends to clash with the universal perspectives common in most fields in psychology, which seek to qualify fundamental psychological truths that are consistent across all of humanity.

Importance[ edit ] Need for expanded cultural research[ edit ] According to Richard Shweder , there has been repeated failure to replicate Western psychology laboratory findings in non-Western settings. In an attempt to show the interrelated interests of cultural and indigenous psychology, cultural psychologist Pradeep Chakkarath emphasizes that international mainstream psychology, as it has been exported to most regions of the world by the so-called West, is only one among many indigenous psychologies and therefore may not have enough intercultural expertise to claim, as it frequently does, that its theories have universal validity.

For example, many studies have shown that Americans, Canadians and western Europeans rely on analytical reasoning strategies, which separate objects from their contexts to explain and predict behavior. Social psychologists refer to the ” fundamental attribution error ” or the tendency to explain people’s behavior in terms of internal, inherent personality traits rather than external, situational considerations e.

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Please sign up for our Free Christian Penpals with Chatroom For some couples, cultural differences in marriage can be either a blessing or a curse. The extent to which partners from different ethnic backgrounds can peacefully coexist depends largely on how well religious observations, socioeconomic status, and language can be incorporated into the relationship.

Couples with vast distinctions in religion or socioeconomic factors may have more challenges than those with similar backgrounds or experiences. In the United States, biracial unions among African Americans and Caucasians have been increasingly more successful, perhaps due to the commonality of the American experience.

MissionPREP is committed to preparing Christians for effective cross-cultural ministry. MissionPREP is a Canadian based organization committed to enhancing the long-term effectiveness of Christians serving in cross-cultural mission.

Whenever books are burned men also in the end are burned. Heinrich Heine , Almansor All religious traditions had been tolerated under the Roman Empire, although Christians suffered to some extent because of their sedition. They stated openly that they desired the destruction of the Empire, encouraged soldiers to desert, aparantly assassinated oponents, vandalised sacred monuments and statues, and tried to destroy the city of Rome by means of arson.

Christians tried repeatedly to destroy the city of Rome As soon as the Empire became Christian, this toleration ceased. The only writings to be permitted were those supported by the line currently regarded as orthodox. By Constantine had authorised the confiscation and destruction of anything that challenged orthodoxy i. This included non-Christian places of worship as well as works by pagan authors and by all other Christian factions.

Soon afterwards Constantine’s mother Helena and Macarius, the Bishop of Jerusalem, were supervising the destruction of a temple in Jerusalem dedicated to Aphrodite, and building a Christian basilica on the site. This basilica, now the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, was imagined to be the very burial site of Jesus and to encompass the place of crucifixion. Evidence was conveniently discovered in the form of a tomb and miracle working splinters of the True Cross.

Countless thousands of architectural treasures from classical times were soon being vandalised in the same way and turned into Churches. Christians were keen to emulate selected Jewish practices. Josiah enforced the exclusive worship of Yahweh 2 Kings According to the biblical account, he destroyed pagan objects related to the worship of Baal or Asherah.

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Cross Cultural Dating in Singapore Here’s a guest post! This time around it’s about dating P Although I have to say that I haven’t really come in contact with too many folks from Singapore, it is a place that I’m curious to visit in general whenever Shen and I get out of our “broke ass people” mode and get out to traveling. This post was written by Louise Mitchell, a relationship expert that has dished out some good advice about on Lovestruck.

Lovestuck is an international online dating site, and y’all know me, I’m not one to shy away from them.

The dating culture in Norway reflects, in many ways, the culture of other developed European countries and the United States. However, Norwegian culture is .

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August 13th, Steve Leave a comment Go to comments Now that many non-Chinese have moved to China and many native Chinese live throughout the world, cross cultural dating has become far more common. For someone leaving mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore and moving to a western country, what are some of the cultural pitfalls and traps you need to avoid and adjustments you need to make? For someone moving to any of those four areas, the same questions apply.

However, when I was living in mainland China and Taiwan, I had a chance to observe, ask questions and learn more from others involved in cross cultural relationships.

When it comes to sex, most married Christians just do what works for they have been blessed enough to have discovered something that brings satisfaction, pleasure, closeness, and climax, they most likely will continue that practice.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Historical Models of Christian Missions. This course analyzes the main methods used in world missions and the results that each method has produced. With a goal of being able to learn another language and culture in order to translate the Bible, share the gospel in local languages, and plant churches with indigenous leaders, the student will learn tools of analysis for cultures developed from anthropology.

The goal is to find ways that the gospel can be shared with maximum communication in each context. Through cultural analysis, the use of appropriate media is discussed. Missionary Life and Work. Beginning with choosing a field, support-raising, motivating local churches to form partnerships with the missionary, and selecting a mission agency, the course walks the missionary candidate through the steps necessary to maintain a healthy life and relationships in mission fields.

Group and family dynamics are discussed as well as relations with indigenous people. Finally, reentry to life in the United States is covered. Strategies for World Evangelization. Emphasis is placed on the apostolic strategy of church planting and formation of disciples who can train others.

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Getting beyond cultural stereotypes, and seeing the individual, is key to good cross-cultural negotiation preparation. In our previous article , we kicked off our recap of, and insight into, the intricacies of cross-cultural negotiations. In the second part of the series, our negotiation experts discuss cultural dimensions literature, the importance of moving beyond stereotypes, and why time should always be on your mind.

Each culture will approach these dimensions differently, taking a spot on a sliding scale between the two extremes.

Books shelved as cross-cultural: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, The Poisonwood.

The dating culture in Norway reflects, in many ways, the culture of other developed European countries and the United States. However, Norwegian culture is also reflective of its own small, homogeneous population. Norwegian Culture Norwegian men and women have among the highest life expectancies in the world and fertility rates among European countries second only to Iceland and Ireland. Although Norway has an aging population, it has no shortage of young adults starting families.

As with other Scandinavian countries, Norwegian men and women have developed dating practices that are outwardly progressive while remaining humble in spirit. With a recent influx of asylum seeking immigrants that has altered the homogeneity somewhat, Norwegian men and women are open to outsiders in the dating world, as long as they are not subject to archaic traditions and values.

Class stratification is rare in Norwegian social interaction and the culture instills the notion that mates should be chosen based on compatibility and with goals of equal partnership. While marriage remains popular, Norway has seen cultural acceptance of unmarried cohabitation and alternative lifestyles. Jante Law and Dating Jante Law consists of cultural premises that have influence in many facets of Norwegian life.

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A new love language 4 comments Communication is key to a good relationship but what happens when you don’t share the same language? International couples share tips on what makes their relationships work. You might dance and flirt with someone you’re attracted to without having a conversation; you might even fall in love at first sight, before the other person has uttered a single word.

But can you actually develop a relationship without sharing a common language? Love can be expressed in many different ways — words are just one of them. As Max said, “Not speaking each other’s language forced us to communicate more not less, I think it actually brought us closer together and although we still have the odd communication mishap — we sometimes have to check what the other means — overall it seems to be going pretty well.

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Intercultural Missions Concentration Christian Ministry: Students who successfully complete the Christian Ministry major with a concentration in Intercultural Missions should be able to: Demonstrate a solid understanding of the biblical basis, historical developments, and current trends in world missions. Demonstrate a foundational understanding of sociological and anthropological issues of cross cultural relations. Demonstrate familiarity with resources useful for assessing the needs of various people groups, and the ability to apply that knowledge in cross-cultural ministry.

Demonstrate godly character and professional skills necessary for working with people in cross-cultural ministry areas.

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